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Professor Mike's Curriculum



This link provides information about my curriculum that may be useful to either academics (particularly students) or practitioners of marketing.  The content is divided into two parts:  one for academic students and the other for practitioners.

Students:  The following are examples of titles of MBA projects or theses I chaired at University of California, Riverside; University of Redlands; and California State University, San Bernardino.   The authors' names are not included in order to protect their identities.   If there is a subject in which you are interested, please contact me at my e-mail address.   If you are an undergraduate or graduate student seeking advice or help with a topic, especially a research paper, I require consent from your faculty advisor(s).

1. An Empirical Study of the Effects a Threat Price and Information have on Price Negotiations between Two Parties

2. The Use of Conjoint Analysis in the Marketing of Fine Furniture

3. Analysis of Local Public Agency Attributes and Consultant Utilization

4. An Evaluation of Parental Expectations and Their Satisfaction with Services Provided by the UCIMC Infant Special Care Unit

5. Source Characteristics:   An Examination of Endorser Type and Gender on Male and Female Consumers

6. Consumers' Perceptual Evaluations of Supermarkets in the Covina Area

7. Reinventing the Volkswagen Beetle

8. Normative Influences on Attitude Formation and Behavioral Intentions

9. The Influence of Processing Intensity on Attitude Formation and Behavioral Intentions

10. Assessing the Potential Profitability of Investment in a Newspaper in the Central California Coastal Region

11. Consumer Perceptions of Service at Palmdale Parks and Recreation

12. Management and Analysis of a Pharmaceutical Sales Territory:   A Statistical Modeling Approach

13. The Construction and Marketing of Specification Homes in Redlands

14. An Analysis of Medical Plan Selection Differences between Upper Income and Moderate Income Households in the Coachella Valley

15. A Pre-Post Study of Customer Satisfaction with Cordell Manufacturing Incorporated, Covina, California

16. A Study to Determine Customer Satisfaction at CALPLY

17. A Comprehensive Analysis of Merck & Co., Inc., Los Angeles Region Sales Discretionary Bonus Program

18. Variations in Perceived Management Communicator Style as a Function of Manager and Subordinate Gender

Consultants:  The following is a sample of consulting projects that I have participated in or have directed.   A more detailed description of each is available upon request.   Because my consulting has been mostly with smaller entrepreneurial organizations, my fees are nominal; particularly if we use some form of file sharing in SPSS, SAS, or Excel for data gathering and analysis.

1. N. W. Willis, Inc., Iowa City, Iowa.
Working as the primary marketing researcher, we developed algorithms estimating the demand potential for firms in the trucking business and real estate development.

2. Chamber of Commerce and Port of Clarkston, Washington.
I and another principal researcher conducted survey research to estimate dollar losses in retail trade between Clarkston and Lewiston, Idaho because of Idaho's lower sales tax on durable goods.   The Chamber developed a promotional brochure for local businesses based on results of the study.

3. Retail Merchandising Services Association, Inc., Riverside, CA.
As a project consultant, we conducted survey research, sampling and data analysis for inventory control systems.

4. The Wilshire Organization, Los Angeles, CA.
It was a major research project for the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles, to develop strategies for improving the downtown business environment.   Part of the project involved survey research of employees who worked downtown, regarding their consumption behavior and attitudes about living downtown.   Results of this project may now be seen in an improved downtown Los Angeles infrastructure.

5. Foss Bros. Dairy, Chino, CA.
I helped the owner of Foss Bros. Dairy develop negotiation strategies for milk delivery contracts with local school district lunch programs.   Contract negotiations could be difficult because of competing “grandfathered” suppliers and California Milk Board support prices.   Obtaining prices greater than unit cost was sometimes difficult to negotiate.