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Thur., Sept. 15, 2016



Professor Mike's Blog



My Tribute to Glenn Fry:

Over the years, The Eagles was my favorite rock band.  Many of my love experiences are tied to their music.  Fry's vocals on “Peaceful Easy Feeling” are telling of the young, but experienced guy getting dumped by a girl-friend.  “Desperado” is a song (sung by Don Henley) of a young, toughened guy needing a gal to love.  A “New Kid in Town” is the saga of any guy in high school during the 1960s:  That be me!

My sons grew up listening to the Eagles.  Every car-trip we took with their step-mom, the Eagles played in the tape player or the CD player.  Our youngest is an accomplished guitarist and front-man for The Big Fiasco in Montana.  I'd like to think Glenn Fry has inspired his music.

Sadly, the Eagles divorced in the early 80s, and I regretted that I never saw them in concert.  But in 1994, Charlotte, and I went to their “Hell Freezes Over” tour at the Block Buster outside of San Bernardino.  What a great performance!

Glenn may you R.I.P.  Thanks for all of your wonderful music.